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Bunbury WA Team

We employ the highest quality, experienced educators and teachers who are passionate about educating children. We are a dedicated to retaining staff and providing consistent teachers for your children for each day they attend preschool. We want Leaps & Bounds Preschool to be an extension of your family!

  • Penelope Swinney

    Penelope Swinney: Approved Provider

    I am a trained teacher and a dedicated mum to three beautiful children. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with families, and work alongside passionate teachers and educators to ensure children receive the best education. I believe all children are unique and capable, with their own interests and passions. As teachers it is our job to explore those interests, nurture those passions and instil a belief in each child that they are capable, resilient and can make a difference in our world.

  • Zenika

    Zenika: Area Manager

    As a Preschool Director my own philosophy is based on helping young children grow in confidence and become effective learners who can contribute to their world and create relationships with other children and Educators. I always maintain a respectful relationship with families, working together to achieve the best outcome for their little one. I believe our amazing environment and our experienced Educators provide an exceptional early childhood setting based on the Early Years Learning Framework, ensuring the community that surrounds our preschool is involved in the program.

  • Kelly

    Kelly: Preschool Director

  • Vanessa

    Vanessa: Assistant Director / Educational Leader / Room Leader

  • Sinead

    Sinead: Room Leader

  • Keesha

    Keesha: Early Childhood Educator

  • Rochelle

    Rochelle: Early Childhood Educator

  • Lacey

    Lacey: Early Childhood Educator

  • Tempany

    Tempany : Early Childhood Educator

  • Dayna

    Dayna: Early Childhood Educator

  • Daneka

    Daneka: Early Childhood Educator

  • Kamla

    Kamla: Early Childhood Educator

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We have a wonderful, experienced and cohesive team to provide consistency for your child throughout their education journey

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Bunbury (WA) Applications

We recognise that our people are our most precious resource and we aim to provide them all with a satisfying, progressive and safe environment in which to achieve their goals.

For our educators and staff, team work and effective communication are essential requirements for positive outcomes across all aspects of the service.

We would really love to hear from you if you are committed to early childhood education.

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