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I am truly passionate about children, and I am dedicated to making their world meaningful. I believe that children are unique, capable, and active learners who should be considered collaborators and beneficiaries of the world in which they live. Coming from a diverse background, I highly value inclusive education and aim to create an environment where everyone can develop a sense of belonging. I understand the importance of cultural diversity and strive to integrate this into our curriculum and daily activities. Celebrating each child’s individuality and heritage helps build a rich, inclusive community. A strong connection between the preschool, families, and communities is vital for enhancing children’s learning and development. I actively seek to engage families in the educational process, recognizing that parental involvement is key to a child’s success. We host regular family events and community gatherings to strengthen these bonds and create a supportive network for our children. I believe that transparency and collaboration with parents and educators are crucial for creating a positive and productive educational environment.

At Leaps and Bounds Preschool, we consider every aspect of a child’s growth, with an emphasis on the heart, hands, and mind.