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Bassenddean Preschool Enrolment

To enrol at our preschool please click register on the My family Lounge link.

Please ensure you register your family, register your child and create a booking request to ensure you are successfully registered on our waitlist. Please call Zenika, our Centre Director on (08) 9227 5827 if you have any questions.

When you talk of towns with a rich history in Australia, Bassendean is one of the towns that come to mind. Home of the Western Australian Rail Museum, there are a lot of stories to be shared about that in this town. Within the Museum is the main attraction especially for the children featuring Thomas the Tank Engine.

For parents looking for a preschool Bassendean, we believe we would be the best choice in the area. We focus on the development of your young ones aged between 8 weeks and 5 years old. We believe that the history and culture of the town are already the first step towards creating a Bassendean childcare centrethat seeks to nature a well-rounded individual.

Encouraging children to be more aware of their surroundings is one of the ways we help them learn more about life. We give them the space to explore their environment which we have designed specially to stimulate learning within and without the Kindergarten Bassendean compound.

Parental Involvement

Leaps & Bounds Preschoolis not a substitute for the little one’s parents and that is why we emphasise the involvement of parents in the children’s activities. Even if the parent may not be physically present, our preschool Bassendean staff take note of all that the child is engaged in and we share this with the parent. This allows parents to remain connected to their children’s development and they are also encouraged to make suggestions regarding their children.

Child Interactions

Since we are a Bassendean childcare centrewithin the community, we strive to inculcate that sense of community among the young ones. Playing together is always encouraged even for children of different ages. We do have particular play areas and classes for different age groups, but we still encourage them to spend time together.

Preparing Them for School

We know that Leaps & Bounds Preschoolis a foundation for their school life, so as they grow older we start slowly helping them get used to what life will be like after our kindergarten Bassendean. We introduce them to a typical classroom and prepare them to learn in a different setting. This helps the children to adopt easily when the time finally comes for them to join the school at six years.

Trained and Experienced Staff at Bassendean Childcare Centre

Leaps & Bounds Preschoolrecognises the need to have staff, who knows how to handle kids. We have carefully chosen individuals with different skills, experiences, and training that complement one another so that we have the best team to deal with the kids.

Are you looking for a childcare centre near you that would provide the right care for the little one that will provide an early foundation for their future? We are that kindergarten in Bassendean that will meet your needs. Give us a call or better yet come visit Leaps & Bounds Preschool, you can even bring the little one along to see if they would love it here. Our doors are always open.

Leaps & Bounds Preschool

Leaps & Bounds Preschool