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Rivervale Preschool Enrolment

To enrol at our preschool please click register on the My family Lounge link.

Please ensure you register your family, register your child and create a booking request to ensure you are successfully registered on our waitlist. Please call Zenika, our Centre Director on (08) 9227 5827 if you have any questions.

When you are talking of a town that is well situated near the central business district but still not too near to be associated with the problems of living near one, then Rivervale is one of the towns in Perth that will come to mind. Once called Brandon Hills in the 1800s it now has a more attractive name and is home to a number of interesting people. If you are one of the Rivervalians and you have kids, you might be interested in our preschool Rivervale.

We provide a safe learning environment that fosters holistic education. Situated conveniently in Rivervale, we believe we are a great choice for residents of the town to have their children receive a quality education within the community. With a team of professional child educationists, we ensure that the little ones are well prepared for life in grade school. The education they receive is not just academic, we socialise and encourage them to enjoy life in a way that promotes learning.


We understand that most parents who take their children to a Rivervale childcare centre may have specific needs. Some may need a place to leave their child for the day as they work, while others may want to have their child learn and play with friends. We maintain a flexible schedule so that we can provide for all the needs of the parents and their children. You can opt for half-day or full day-care and we will accommodate you.

Curriculum at Rivervale Childcare Centre

Our Kindergarten Rivervale follows a well-researched curriculum that is aimed at ensuring the children develop their minds and nature their skills at an early age. Curiosity, problem-solving and play are some of the key things that we encourage the little ones to pursue.

We aim to stimulate the mind of the little ones while at the same time giving them the social skills to get along with different people. There are a number of activities they can engage in which are designed to suit the interests and learning level of each child.

For us, a preschool Rivervale has to make the young ones aware of where they live and the people in the community which is why we engage the parents and the community in some activities.

Parents Presence

Although we commit to taking care of your children while you are away, we also encourage parents to drop in and see how their child is doing from time to time. This reassures the child that they are not so far off from their parents and the parents can be sure that their child is in safe hands at our Rivervale childcare centre.

Give us a Call

Are you searching for a kindergarten Rivervale for your child? Why not give us a call now and let us set a date for your visit to the school. You can bring your little one along so they can also see if they would like it here or make some friends. We offer quality affordable learning for the young ones.

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